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Character Counts! Program

Memorial Lutheran School uses the Character Counts! program to teach our school children that good character traits matter. Each month a different trait is emphasized. Our school counselor, Diane Lamberson, heads up this program and works with both teachers and students throughout the school year to promote these important character traits.

Information below is referenced from the Character Counts! official site:

Why teach character?

A person’s "character" is the summation of his or her habits, attitudes and attributes. Because those qualities are learned, they can also be purposefully taught. And they should be — because good character doesn't happen automatically, and it’s too important to be left to chance. The effectiveness and well-being of individuals, their organizations and their society depend on it.


What values should we teach?

The ethical values that define good character are pretty basic. We can all agree what they are. The trick is to express them using a consistent language so that messages about ethics and character resonate across the community, from the home to the classroom to the playground to the workplace. The good news is there is broad consensus on six words that neatly summarize our common values. They are called the Six Pillars of Character.


What are the Six Pillars of Character?




CHARACTER COUNTS! was established to promote and teach the Six Pillars of Character. It is today the most widely implemented approach to character education, reaching millions of youth through thousands of affiliated schools, agencies and organizations.

Who is behind it?

The Joseph & Edna Josephson Institute of Ethics — a nonprofit and nonpartisan teaching organization based in Los Angeles, California — established CHARACTER COUNTS! and organized its Coalition in 1993. Many of the country’s leading educational and youth-serving institutions belong to the Coalition, including the YMCA, 4-H, Little League, Boys & Girls Clubs, the NEA and the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

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