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Art at Memorial Lutheran School

It is important to teach art and its different styles because we never know when a great artist will emerge as he/she is creating their own individual art pieces. 

"Arts education can greatly impact positive cognitive, physical, emotional and social development." According to the National Art Education Association, art can help children to build critical thinking skills, dexterity and imagination abilities. (The Importance of Art in Children's Education, by Erica Loop)


Mr. Rob Peters teaches the many aspects of art and techniques. The curriculum guide being used for students in grades K to 8 is Arts Attack.

  • 1st 9 weeks - learn the fundamentals of drawing using various materials
  • 2nd 9 weeks - learn the fundamentals of painting in acrylic and watercolor
  • 3rd 9 weeks - learn the fundamentals of sculpting with clay, paper mache, plaster and other materials available to the class
  • 4th 9 weeks - revisit and refine the skills learned during the school year, and create various art projects in different mediums for the end-of-year art show


Mr. Peters, was born in Brazil and raised in New Orleans where he studied commercial and fine art. He has been a freelance artist for over 25 years. He offers after-school private art lessons throughout the school year for children in grades 3 through 8.

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