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Fiddling While Rome Learns

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Chapel Sermon - Friday of Epiphany VI

March 04, 2020
By Memorial Lutheran School
This sermon was preached for chapel by Rev. Richard Gaub on Friday of Epiphany VI, 21 February AD 2020. MLS observed "Go Texan Day!" The text was Galatians 5:2-6.
Grace, mercy and peace are yours from God our Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Amen.
The law will not save you. It will accuse and convict you. It will instruct you, but it will kill you. It never saves. Our nature is such that we use the law to justify ourselves. We compare ourselves to others. We claim our righteousness based on our
comparisons with the way others act and behave.  "I’m better than him, or her, or those people."
We think we are too good for others. We will see that in full display as we all jockey for position as the square dancing and line
dancing begins. As we silently count what number in line we are, then we begin counting the other line and see who is directly across from us. "Oh no...I can’t dance with him, or her!  What ever shall I do?"
Yes, we think we are too good and that others do not measure up.
The truth is, not one of us is good enough. Not one of us measures up; not one of us can fulfill the law. The law accuses. The law convicts The law kills. You are not better than your neighbor. Repent of your sin of selfishness, your thoughts of superiority, your dislike and hatred of your neighbor, your chuckles at the misfortune of others, and your lies and laziness.  You cannot live by the demands of the law. The law condemns. The law convicts and the law kills.
You are the reason that Jesus died. He died for your sins. He did not die for some abstract idea of sinfulness. But he died for you. Take comfort in that. Boast in the fact that in your weakness, and in your wretchedness, you are strong and righteous–only in Jesus Christ.
The thirty minutes you spend here each day in chapel is by design. It is designed for the creation and strengthening of your faith. It is designed for the salvation of your souls. For our Lord has called and placed you here so that you may know and believe that He has fulfilled the law’s demands for you and that you are now free from the demands of the law.
You are now free to obey the law – not so that you might be good enough to get into heaven, but that you are now free to love the Lord your God, and free to love and serve your neighbor. You may not want to dance with your classmates. But, you see, this isn’t
about you. Your classmates, whether they realize it or not, need you to be kind and dance with them. So, it doesn’t really matter if you have two left feet. You have forgiveness for all your sins. You have new life in Christ, and you have the promise of eternal salvation.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.