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Welcome to the new summer reading challenges for the summer of 2020! The MLS summer reading program for students entering Kindergarten to 9th grade is designed to encourage a love of reading and to enhance our school's reading curriculum.

  • It provides an opportunity for the students to continue to grow and develop into successful adult readers.
  • This year’s summer reading will be a student challenge.
  • It is not required although we would strongly encourage your child to try for at least one of the challenge rewards. 
  • Your child may choose to do as many challenges as he/she wants.
  • Books that are read may count toward more than one challenge as long as they meet the criteria for all challenges.
  • Forms to keep track of each challenge can be found below.
  • Books should not be more than 2 years below your student’s grade level. (For example: a student going into grade 6 could read a book at level 4 or higher.)
  • The grade level of a student is the grade that student is going into for the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Students may not use any book that has been previously read either for a class or for personal reading.
  • All students who complete a challenge will receive a certificate of achievement for each challenge met.
  • All students who complete a challenge will be able to participate in a designated free dress day.

Detailed information about each of the award challenges.

Animal Lover Award Challenge Tracker

Around the World Award Challenge Tracker

Bio Award Challenge Tracker

Classic Award Challenge Tracker

Literature Award Challenge Tracker

Olympic Award Challenge Tracker

Picture Book Award Challenge Tracker (K to 3 only can choose this one)

World Series Award Challenge Tracker

Happy Reading!
From Your Memorial Lutheran School Faculty