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Memorial Lutheran School is a classical Lutheran school.

Memorial Lutheran School (MLS) is a classical school. Classical schools incline children toward the good, true, and beautiful. A classical education forms children to love learning and seeing that what they learn shapes how they love and care for others.

MLS’s mission is to build a strong foundation. This foundation is built first and foremost on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The faculty builds on this foundation with the treasures of Western Civilization (mathematics, history, Latin, literature, science, music, English, etc.).

Daily Chapel is a hallmark of our school. Faculty, staff, and students are fed daily with God’s Word. The Lutheran worldview underlies all instruction throughout the day, fostering care, respect, and love for others. 

MLS serves students from twelfth grade to infancy, with a focus on the “end” of education.

The five-fold goal of an MLS education is that students:

1)  are wise unto salvation in Christ Jesus;
2) possess a masterful command of language (Latin, English, mathematics, music);
3) are lifelong and well-rounded students (eager learners);
4) discern with a sound mind using mathematical and scientific reasoning;
5) love their neighbor in a life of active selfless service (vocation).

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