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Memorial Lutheran School's classical curriculum promotes a love of learning, and prepares children for their next level of education. 

Daily chapel and Christian teaching foster caring, respect, and love for one another and for our neighbor. 

Reading, writing and math readiness are introduced in our preschool  program. The Writing Road to Reading by Spalding, and Saxon Math Kindergarten Level are part of the Pre-K 4 curricula.

Music is an integral part of the entire school with singing and music beginning in our infant classes. Orchestra and band are part of the 5th-8th grade curriculum, and students in Pre-K to 4th grade are invited to participate in the strings program where they learn to play the violin.

Latin is taught in 1st through 8th grade.  Top 10 Reasons to Study Latin

Chromebooks in grades 6 to 8,  an iPad cart, and interactive whiteboards make up the technology program. Hands-on science, art, physical education, outdoor education, and enrichment opportunities add to the many programs offered at MLS.

Recent high school acceptances include: St. Agnes Academy, Lutheran High North, Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, Episcopal High School. The Post Oak High School, and St. Thomas High School.

For more information about the grade levels of interest, click on the appropriate link.