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Admission Process and Information for New Applicants:

Application for enrollment is made online at the "apply online" link. If you have not yet scheduled a tour, please contact the school office at 713.782.4022 to set up a time and date to visit.  We are happy to give you an individual tour of the school. Mornings work best after 9:30 a.m.  but the admission office will work around your schedule if needed.

Preschool 3 to 8th grade applicants: Classroom visits and testing and assessments are scheduled with the Admission Director for families applying to Preschool 3 through 8th grade.

Preschool 3 and Pre-K 4 - Children meet with the classroom teacher for a basic knowledge assessment. The teachers get to know the child on a one-to-one basis.  A date will be scheduled.

Kindergarten and First grade - Applicants take the Admission Assessment for Beginning Learners (AABL), scheduled by the admission office. The teacher also works one-one-one with each child during that visit to assess knowledge of letters, numbers, patterns, and following directions.  Meeting the teacher in the classroom helps the children to feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment.  

Second through Fourth grade - Applicants visit the classroom for a day after the application is submitted. The visit day includes an assessment by the teacher in reading and math.  Spending a day in the classroom also gives each child the opportunity to see first-hand what the classroom environment is like, and to meet current students who will be in the class. This visit is scheduled with the admission office.

Fifth through Eighth grade - Applicants are required to take the Independent Schools Entrance Exam (ISEE). Parents must register online with ISEE and may take the exam at any location offering the middle school ISEE.  To learn more about the ISEE, visit the following link for information and testing locations. ISEE Information 

Application Deadline: The application deadline for new families is February 1, however, applications are accepted after that date if space is available.  Families are welcome to apply earlier than February (online applications are available beginning in November)

Acceptance: Students applying by the February 1 deadline will receive notification  of acceptance no later than the Friday before Spring Break.  Acceptances are sent electronically and include instructions on how to complete the enrollment process online.

Common Reply Date: After being accepted into Memorial Lutheran School's program, families have until April 3, 2019 to sign the enrollment contract and pay the enrollment fee.  Houston Area Independent Schools (HAIS) adheres to a Common Reply Date (schools cannot require a family to sign their contract until that specified date).  The Common Reply Date is usually the first week of April, but may vary based on the calendar. Once the enrollment contract is completed, your child will officially be enrolled as a student. 


Infant and Early Start applicants: Schedule a tour of the school, and meet with the Early Childhood Director. The Director will indicate if space is available when you need it. Applications are received year-round.

Infant Program - Apply online, and pay the $75 application fee.  On the application you will indicate your desired start date and discuss the guaranteed space policy with the Director.  

Early Start - Apply online, and pay the $75 application fee. Once accepted you will receive an email with instructions on completing the online enrollment packet. The required enrollment fee is due at that time. 

Application and Enrollment Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Withdrawal from the program: Should there be a need to withdraw your child from our school, a 60-day written notice to the Director and Business office is required. Payment of tuition will still be due during those sixty days.   

Enrollment Process for Returning Students:

Each year a special email is sent February 1 to all current families with instructions on how to complete the online enrollment packet in the ParentsWeb portal.  In order to secure a continued space in the class for the next school year, the online enrollment packet must be completed by February 15.