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The most effective Christian education takes place when parents are informed in the Christian philosophy of education in which their children are taught, and when they practice these Christian principles.

Both the Preschool 3 and Pre-K 4 programs are designed for the young learner.  Each class is staffed with caring, Lutheran teachers who love telling the children about Jesus every day.


Children entering the Preschool Program must be three years old by September 1st and are fully potty trained.

The Preschool Program is 5-days a week and runs from mid-August through May. Children wishing to attend year-round have the option to register for the summer program. 

Preschool students are required to wear school uniforms purchased from Lands' End.

Religion - growing in their faith and love of God! Preschool attends chapel on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the fall and Monday-Friday in the Spring. 

Handwriting and Phonics - students learn to recognize, write, and say the sounds the letters make

Math - Memoria Press Numbers book one and two, Numbers Coloring Book, and numbers and colors are used to help students explore their numbers, shapes, colors, and patterns.

Fine Motor - practiced daily

Literature, Science, History, and Poetry - Memoria Press Junior Curriculum is used to guide students through great books and poetry.  Students will begin to explore basic science and history.

Out Classes include Music, P.E., and Library


Children entering the Pre-Kindergarten Program must be four years old by September 1st.

The Pre-Kindergarten Program is 5-days a week and runs from mid-August through May. Children wishing to attend year-round have the option to register for the summer program. 

Pre-Kindergarten students are required to wear school uniforms purchased from Lands' End.


Religion — One in Christ by Concordia Publishing House is used. Students learn Bible stories each week by focusing on key points and reading from The Story Bible. Students attend Chapel each morning.

Math — Saxon Math K (Kindergarten Level) assists students in learning math concepts with hands on manipulatives, such as pattern blocks. These concepts are reinforced with daily review. Math concepts learned include counting, telling time, graphs, writing numbers, patterns, and money.

Handwriting, Phonics, and Literature — First Start Reading by Memoria Press is used where students recite the alphabet and identify alphabet concepts, such as capital and lower case letter. Students use workbooks where letter/sound recognition is reinforced, as well as handwriting (printing).

Science — Exploring Science by Elemental Science incorporates science concepts including exploring water, air, weather, plants, the earth, chemistry, sound, and motion. Students learn through experiments, art, observation, and reading.

History/Culture — Various unit topics are used in which students learn about the world around them that God created. Manners, healthy habits, world cultures, and space are examples of units studied. Seasonal units are covered, such as Johnny Appleseed, Christmas around the world, Texas, and Dr. Seuss.

Music — Students visit the music room twice weekly. They sing songs, learn chapel hymns and liturgy, and explore musical instruments.

Physical Education — Students attend P.E. twice a week with the Athletic Director. Children go outside for recess before lunch each day (weather permitting).

Art — Art projects are coordinated with the classroom curriculum. The students attend the art class twice a week where they learn various art techniques including shapes and colors.

Library — Students visit the library once a week where they listen to stories and practice handling books as they look through them.

Centers — Pre-Kindergarten students participate in center time where they enjoy free play in the classroom. During centers, students are encouraged to learn through play and practice social skills.

Memorial Lutheran School now offers a part-time half-day program for 3 and 4 year old children. Two and three-day options are available.   

Did you know that even very young children can begin to learn about the good, the true, and the beautiful in the context of a classroom?  Memorial Lutheran School's morning-only preschool classes nurture children with the good things that form the beginning of a child's education of lifelong classical, Christian learning.

Prayers of the Church
Classic Picture Books
Beautiful Illustrations
Bible Stories
Nursery Rhymes
Outdoor Time
Classical Music
The Lord's Prayer

Options are:

The Morning Glories Class (3 year olds)
  • Tuesday/Thursday: 8 – 12
The Bluebonnets Class (4 year olds)
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 8 – 12