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As part of the classical school curriculum, the arts play an integral part in the life of the students at Memorial Lutheran School.

Performing Arts

Early Start: Children in the Early Start classrooms visit the music room twice a week, and enjoy learning new songs with the music teacher. There is a dedicated music room in the early childhood hallway.

Preschool and Pre-K: children attend music class twice a week where they learn how to sing and are introduced to age-appropriate instruments. Piano and strings lessons are offered after school. 

Kindergarten to 4th grade: students attend music class twice-weekly where they learn about music theory, how to read notes, and how to use their singing voices. Students in the elementary level may also elect to participate in the strings program, learning violin. 

5th to 8th grade : students attend music/choir twice per week. They may also elect to join the handbell choir. Middle school students are required to take either orchestra (strings) or band (trumpet, flute, percussion, etc.).

Visual Arts

Students in Preschool through 8th grade enjoy art class with our art teacher, Mr. Peters. Preschool and  Pre-K children have art class once a week. Kindergarten through 8th students attend art class twice per week. Displays of the students' artwork is displayed in the spring.

The students work on creating pieces based on what is being discussed in history or reading class. 

Students work on the following art media:

  • drawing, shading and sketching
  • painting
  • sculpture